2023 Toyota Rav4 Vs. 2023 Ford Maverick: Suv-Truck Showdown!  

This article compares the Toyota Rav4 vs. the Ford Maverick.  

The Ford Maverick is not as good as the Toyota Rav4 when it comes to off-road capabilities.

However, for the Ford fan, the Maverick has a lot to offer. From the small EV pickup to the possible mechanics  

and specs in the Ford's pickup truck, it is a great vehicle for those who love their Ford.  

When it comes to total accident report lots, Toyota Yaris comes first in question with its superior safety rating.  

But when it comes to size, the Ford Maverick wins out over the Toyota Rav4 in terms of space.  

The Ford Maverick pickup truck has an extra foot of length and an extra foot of width, giving it more room for passengers and cargo.